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Avoid Roof Repairs In Cambridge In Six Steps

Uncategorized / August 24, 2016

At The Roofman, we know firsthand that roof repairs in Cambridge are often unavoidable. However, we do recognize that there are ways to prolong a roof’s lifespan and prevent the need for reparations. When partnering with our customers, we discuss simple ways to stave off the need for roof repairs in Cambridge for as long as possible.

Know How To Maintain Your Roof And Prolong Lifespan

When you’re ready to get preventative about roof repairs in Cambridge, try these six tips:

Tip #1: Evaluate The Roof’s Condition

Overlooking the current condition of a residential roof is common. We all simply expect our roofs to do their job and often only notice them after their structural integrity has been compromised. We suggest performing a bi-annual check on the status of your roofing structure. Just a quick evaluation (while standing safely on the ground) to look for missing and/or broken shingles as well as any other noticeable damage can help prevent a potential issue before it gets out of hand.

Tip #2: Trim Trees

Low-hanging trees and dead branches can cause serious damage in the event of wind gusts or precipitation storms. We highly recommend periodically walking the perimeter of your home to find hazardous branches to trim and remove them away from the roof.

Tip #3: Clean Out Gutters

Every spring and fall you should schedule a gutter cleaning. Built up gutter debris left unattended can cause roofing issues.

Tip #4: Examine Your Flashing

Proper flashing is critical when preventing water from infiltrating the roof. Keep up with new flashing as needed to safeguard against rot.

Tip #5: Check Out Your Attic

Many people don’t realize that poor insulation in the attic can compromise the roofing structure. Add insulation as needed to prevent ice dams forming on your shingles

Tip #6: Make Minor Repairs

Finally, should you notice areas that need repair, don’t wait.  Contact a professional roofing contractor in Cambridge immediately. Even minor damage can spiral into a major problem if ignored.

Contact The Roofman today for more information about preventing roof repairs in Cambridge on your home.