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Roof Repairs Cambridge: What To Expect

Uncategorized / December 29, 2016

Roof repairs in Cambridge can require a little mental prepping. It’s important to know what to expect so you can minimize stress and inconvenience throughout the experience. Once you’ve committed to roof repairs in Cambridge, you can expect:

Scope Of Work/Schedule
Before signing on with a contractor, you should receive an outline of the overall scope of work required for your roof repairs in Cambridge. The contractors should also discuss their schedule with you as well, so you know exactly what to expect before construction begins.

Raised Noise Levels
Repairing pieces of, or installing an entirely new, roof means that the noise levels in your home will be exponentially higher during work hours. If you have young children, pets, or just family members with extreme sensitivity to sound, you may want to consider making arrangements for them to spend time out of the home while the roofers are there.

Check Out Your Landscape
Walk around your property and check out any items that may be in the debris falling zone. Patio furniture, pool gear, potted planters, and grills are just some of the things you may want to consider moving beyond close proximity to you home. Your professional roofer will be able to tell you which items may be too close and help you put together a plan to move or cover them.

Consider Unsecure Indoor Belongings
Roof repairs in Cambridge can mean lots of hammering. Construction vibrations can knock over items or even cause objects to fall off of shelves and walls. Before the team begins work, talk to them about which mirrors, pictures, and knickknacks should be removed from the living spaces in your home. You will want to pay extra attention to the living spaces closes to your roof.

Check Out The Attic
It’s not only the living spaces you should think about protecting. You may also want to think about the items stored in your attic before beginning roof repairs in Cambridge. Discuss the scope of work with your contractors as well as consult with them on anything you will want to cover or remove before construction begins.

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