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5 Most Common Types Of Roof Repairs In Cambridge

Uncategorized / January 31, 2017

No roof lasts forever. Exposure to rain, hail, snow, wind, and solar heat, year after year, causes wear and tear. Your roofing will eventually need your attention. To that end, it’s important to recognize the signs of needed roof repairs. Cambridge homeowners who want their homes to maintain their curb appeal must address roofing problems before catastrophic damage occurs.

Below, we’ll highlight the top five reported roof repairs in Cambridge. These problems can seem minor at first, but herald bigger troubles down the road if they’re left unresolved.

#1 – Loose Or Dilapidated Flashings

Flashings weatherproof your home. They’re installed around the edges of your roof, along roof-wall intersections, and around the chimney and vents. Their job is to prevent water from getting into your house.

Over time, flashings can become loose. They can also develop small holes and corrosion. These problems, if left unchecked, will increasingly expose your home to water penetration.

#2 – Roof Leaks

Loose flashings, broken or chipped shingles, clogged gutters, and other issues often cause leaks. Under such circumstances, rain, snow, and hail can cause expensive and unsightly water damage.

The earlier leaks are fixed, the better.

#3 – Standing Water

This problem is mostly seen with improperly installed flat-top roofing on commercial buildings. It can be caused by a poor roof design, structural issues, or insufficient drainage. Whatever its cause, it poses a serious issue. With nowhere to go, standing water can soak into the insulation and eventually find its way into the underlying structure.

The result? Leaks and water damage.

#4 – Loose Shingles

Of all roof repairs in Cambridge, loose shingles are among the easiest to fix. Shingles can loosen as the result of wind slipping underneath them and pulling them from their fastenings.

It’s important to tighten loose shingles as soon as you notice them. Otherwise, they’ll expose your home to rain, hail, and wind, all of which can cause damage.

#5 – Damaged Shingles

Shingles suffer wear and tear over time due to wind, rain and the sun’s ultraviolet rays and blistering heat. Sometimes, hail can strike and damage them. This poses more than just a cosmetic problem. Broken or chipped shingles provide less protection from the elements. They also expose the underlying wood to water penetration and rot.

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