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What To Do With A Leaking Roof In Kitchener (While You Wait For Professional Help)

Uncategorized / August 29, 2017

Rainy days can be quiet and relaxing, unless you find your home has a leaking roof. Oftentimes, a leaking roof in Kitchener can go unnoticed until the first drops of rain begin to fall. Unfortunately for many homeowners, the first indication that a roof isn’t working the way it should is when the water has already found its way inside the home’s interior. Knowing a few tips on what to do when you find a leaky roof in Kitchener can help you minimize damage as much as possible before your professional roofing contractor arrives.

Step 1: Minimize Interior Damage
Oftentimes a leak will look far worse than it actually is; this is because built up water begins to pool and, over time, find several exit spots in the ceiling. Don’t attempt to plug every place you find water pouring out of; instead, walk around your home and identify the wettest spot (or possibly even a bulge) in your ceiling. Poke a small hole in this area and place a bucket underneath it to catch the water that will drain out. This will centralize the place where water can escape and help minimize damage to your ceiling.

Step 2: Find Place Of Origin
Once you’ve helped safeguard your home’s interior, it’s time to locate the point of entry for your leaky roof in Kitchener. Leave the exterior search for an experienced roofing specialist. Begin your search in the attic by looking for wet spots on the plywood and ceiling system inside that space. It’s important to note that sometimes the actual leak may not directly align with the wet spots on the attic ceiling, but it can help you narrow down the place of origin for the leak.

Step 3: Buy Time Until Help Arrives
After you’ve narrowed down where the water is coming from, you can attempt to prevent further damage while waiting for your professional contractor. Roofing or cement tape can be placed inside the roof decking of your attic. You can also lay down tarps and buckets in an effort to collect incoming water and minimize damage that may occur before professional help arrives.

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